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The Campaign for the
Brown School at Washington University

Key Priorities

We are defined by a commitment to social change and academic excellence. In order to strengthen and maintain our leadership position in social work, public health and public policy, we have developed a plan that outlines significant program and facility enhancements. 

Our success will create the next great era for the Brown School and ensure that we remain a catalyst for positive change.


Achieving Our Priorities By:

  • Attracting and financially supporting talented and diverse students
    Our students come to the Brown School with a myriad of backgrounds, perspectives and interests, all united by the goal of creating positive social change. We are committed to supporting these change agents.

    Washington University’s Brown School offers a broad range of scholarships, and we are dedicated to ensuring that qualified students can join our community.​
  • Attracting and retaining outstanding faculty
    Retaining distinguished faculty—and recruiting the next generation of promising scholar-educators—is essential to our continued growth and success.

    Because our international reputation for excellence rests upon the strength of our faculty, endowed professorships and research support are among the best ways to reward exceptional, innovative work; to advance research breakthroughs; and to attract and retain our finest teachers and scholars.​
  • Nurturing innovative initiatives and programming
    The entrepreneurial and collaborative culture at the Brown School cultivates new approaches to improving health and well-being.

    Our programs and initiatives are designed to improve educational opportunities for our students, contribute to the quality and impact of social and health services, and serve as models for practitioners worldwide.​
  • An enhanced environment for learning and research
    The combination of Hillman Hall, our new building, and renovations to Brown Hall and Goldfarb Hall create greater impact for our School’s research and policy initiatives and provide new opportunities for engagement with our local, national and international partners.

    By promoting collaboration across the multiple disciplines, perspectives and talents we have assembled within our community, these exciting new facilities herald the next great era of the Brown School.​
  • Increasing annual unrestricted support
    Unrestricted annual support provides critical resources to keep us at the forefront of research and impact. It provides the flexibility to take advantage of new opportunities or respond to unanticipated challenges.​

Annual Fund

Through support for the Annual Fund, every graduate and friend of the Brown School can participate in the success of the campaign. Many people do not realize that tuition covers only a portion of the cost to educate our students. The Annual Fund is essential to help bridge the gap. And because annual gifts are unrestricted, they can be put to immediate use where they are needed most.

This type of support creates immediate impact across many of the School’s priorities:

  • Stipends and scholarships for students
  • Seed money to explore innovative programs and ideas
  • Resources for junior faculty
  • Support to host distinguished visitors

Initiative Sheets

Touch below to learn more about the dynamic initiatives happening at the Brown School, which are leading the field in social impact and sustainable change. Learn about ways you can support these initiatives.

Your Gift Matters

Gifts at any level have a direct impact on the lives of Brown School students and faculty every day.